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Participant Reviews

“I was impressed with the ability of Global Exchange to plug us into a variety of social movements and organizations…I am still amazed at the depth of the experience and how profoundly it has impacted my life and those who shared in the tour.”

Paul P.

"I’ve been with Global Exchange traveling to Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and Oaxaca. Lots of learning and delight!"

Bob T.

"I was part of a group that experienced a truly life changing experience. I learned so much on this Reality Tour through the beautiful country of South Africa. It has been many years since myself and my fellow tour members had the opportunity to witness first hand the horrors of apartheid and it’s shocking legacy. The memories are still vivid twenty years later, and I want to thank Global Exchange for this once in a lifetime experience."

Cynthia B.

"Our trip to Costa Rica was a fantastic trip, from beginning to end! Our guide and driver were both excellent. The visits were so interesting. We learned about so many different, but all very important things. We saw the production of cocoa, sugar, and coffee. We visited several coops, one that sold hand-made goods in a shop made by over 80 different local people, one selling hand-made items by indigenous people, and one who sells coffee from a sustainable farm. We also got to hike, visit a waterfall, a lake, a stream, a hot spring, and zip line through the cloud forest! We even had the opportunity to visit with a local government official about sex trafficking in the tourism industry. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. Based on my experience from this trip, I will definitely be signing up again!"

Jennifer B.

“This is a wonderful trip to learn about the Days of the Dead and the difficulties the indigenous communities of Oaxaca constantly face. It is not a conventional tour; it is fast paced and focuses on community not tourist sites. Come ready to be a participant in a group experience.”

Jay N.

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