Global Exchange and Peninsula 360 Press had a team of reporters across Brazil observing and reporting during Brazil’s historic election in October 2022.

We worked with team of journalists with a long history in Brazil, including: Michael Fox, a freelance American journalist based in Brazil; Fernando Cruz, a freelance Brazilian journalist; Laura Carlsen, an international analyst; Daniela Pastrana, a journalist and director of Pie de Página; Omar Martínez, a photographer with Cuartoscuro media agency; and Claudia Martínez and Enrique Romero, both from the Mexican State Broadcasting System (SPR).

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva beat out incumbent Jair Bolsonaro for the presidency in one of the most highly contentious races in the country’s history on October 30 – giving hope that democracy is alive in Latin America’s largest nation. 

Lula Wins: What’s Next for Brazil

October 31, 2022: Global Exchange hosts a webcast on the outcome of the Oct 30th narrow election and what comes next for Brazil.

Lula’s Victory and What it Means for the Amazon

Global Exchange held an event with two former Global Exchange staff members on Brazil and the future of the Amazon. Latin America-based Journalist Michael Fox, the host of the podcast, Brazil on Fire, who covered the elections in Brazil with us in October, and Leila Salazar-López, now Executive Director, Amazon Watch, who had just returned from COP27 joined us to report back on situation on the ground in Brazil and what Lula’s victory may mean for the future of the Amazon.  You can watch the webcast here.