We are the People’s Movement for Peace and Justice. Our Message is Simple and Clear: In the face of violence and tragedy, we stand as one to demand justice.

#IgnoredNoMore #InvisibleNoMore

The destinies of the U.S. and Mexico, as well as our movements for social and environmental justice, are inextricably intertwined. Ending regional violence and success in handling cross-border challenges — like migration, human rights, inequality (fair and sustainable economic development), and dangerous gun trafficking  – requires the participation and engagement of civil society movements on both sides of the border.  


We are living in a pivotal and urgent moment in both Mexico and the United States. From rising gun violence, political exclusion and disenfranchisement, worsening repression of migrants, and the expanding environmental and climate driven crises, the need for action, reform and political activism is now.  


People of color across the borders share a history of oppression and resistance that brings us closer than what we think.


Both Mexico and the U.S. will have critical national elections in 2024. The time to build united, inclusive political power is now.  The PMPJ seeks to cultivate and catalyze a cross-border  movement to denounce injustice and drive community-led solutions to the growing inequality, violence and human and migrant rights crises that impact the region.  


More than 50 organizations from Mexico and the United States, under the leadership of Global Exchange, are organizing this initiative. The PMPJ aims to expand political access and build political power for those currently left out and left behind (youth, migrants, Indigenous communities and more) and to make their demands for human rights, justice, democracy, and peace heard.  


The PMPJ will host an international peace summit in June 2024 and will utilize innovative digital organizing tools to engage and nourish the active majorities on both sides of the border we need to demand and affect change.


The People’s Movement for Peace and Justice has a shared agenda to develop a pathway for an end to the proliferation of gun violence and the militarized drug war; a stop to the destructive impacts of pollution and climate change that disproportionately impact people of color and low-income communities; and support for migrant populations with compassionate immigration policies, rather than criminalization.

1. Prioritize Human Rights

Give human rights the same priority that is given to the U.S.–Mexico commercial agenda; Establish a binational body for monitoring, evaluating, and promoting Human Rights.

2. Stop the Flow of Weapons to Mexico

Stop the illegal flow of weapons from the U.S. to Mexico and the exportation of weapons to police and military units with a history of corruption and human rights violations.

3. Build the Necessary Conditions for the Right to Stay Home

Governments from Mexico and the U.S. must generate conditions for life, peace, prosperity, justice, and happiness in all the communities of the region, allowing individuals and families to live prosperous lives without having to migrate. 

4. Demilitarization Our Lands and Our Borders

Establish a path for complete demilitarization of territories and borders.

5. Repurpose Military Bases for Healing and Justice

Open military bases to survivors and relatives of victims of violence. Bring all military involved in crimes and human rights violations to justice.