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Global Exchange in the News

Media coverage is perhaps Global Exchange’s most significant tool for expressing a progressive perspective on the issues we care about – from bilateral trade agreements to migrant rights to climate change . Global Exchange’s CommunicationsDepartment increases public awareness of critical human rights issues, and encourages the participation of diverse communities in our work.  To stay informed about our work, we invite you to check out our latest coverage in a variety of media outlets, both in English and Spanish languages.

Voices for Global Justice Webcasts

Our “Voices for Global Justice” series is bringing together movement leaders, experts and organizers to discuss vital issues of our time and how ordinary people can get involved. We’re giving the mic to people with a vision for a future that includes justice, human rights and dignity for all. Tune in or watch any of our archived webinars below and learn from movement leaders tackling climate change, peace, drug policy, voting rights, immigration, trade, police violence, criminal justice reform, and more.