Call the White House to take Cuba off of the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list!

U.S. sanctions and State Sponsor of Terrorism List designation is an attack on daily life in Cuba. Access to food, medicine and basic supplies are being blocked. Cuba deserves the right to self-determination, and it’s on us to hold the U.S. government accountable.

The Biden administration must fully normalize relations with Cuba NOW – this means ending the blockade and taking Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. 

The Cuban people are suffering one of the most severe food and medicine shortages, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is a consequence of the ongoing U.S. blockade, continued impacts of sanctions on freedom to travel, and downturn in tourism from the coronavirus pandemic.

Join us along with many organizations across the country for “White House Call-In Days” to tell Biden to take Cuba off of the State Sponsors of Terrorism List today and tomorrow (March 15 & 16) from 11am – 3:00pm EST. You can call (202) 456-1111.


Click here for a suggested SCRIPT  created by our friends at Massachusetts Peace Action to make it easy. If for some reason you can’t get through you can use  to send a message.

Now is the time for U.S. citizens to ensure that the next many years of Cuba/U.S. relations will benefit the people of both countries and be free from harmful Cold War ideology.  Cuba and the Cuban people have suffered too long.

P.S.   Support Cuba through travel. Join an upcoming Reality Tour!  Travel to the island not only supports the local economy but also builds important people-to-people connections, building solidarity and understanding between our two nations