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Vice President Kamala Harris is leading the first executive level visit to Mexico and Central America by the Biden Administration this weekend on June 5th and 6th. There is talk of a new strategy to solve the region’s growing challenges in a “more human-centered” fashion.

Join us for a timely conversation to share expert analysis and calls for action on the eve of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit. We are talking with:

Dana Frank is a Professor of History at UC Santa Cruz. She is a leading scholar of U.S. labor history, with research interests in working-class history, banana workers in Latin America, modern Honduran history, and contemporary Honduras. She is also a leading advocate in the U.S. and Washington, DC — playing an indispensable role advocating in support of the popular movements who defend democracy in Honduras.

Alvaro Montenegro is a Guatemalan journalist and social activist who has reported about and published editorials on Guatemalan democracy both locally and internationally in publications like the NYT. He played an important role in building #RenunciaYa movement that ousted President Otto Perez Molina in 2015, and he has continued to be active with the (now renamed) #JusticiaYa organization.

Miriam Miranda is a Honduran activist who advocates for the human and environmental rights of the Garífuna people. She is the head of the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), from where she has coordinated efforts to counter land theft by big tourism businesses, confronted drug smugglers operating illegal airstrips in Garifuna lands, and reclaim ancestral territories of Garífuna communities. OFRANEH promotes sustainable environmental practices and community leadership development for local youth and women.

Gretchen Kuhner, Founder Director of the Institute for Women in Migration, a Mexico-based nonprofit organization that works to advocate and advance rights for women in the region since 2011.

Only through cross-border solidarity we will make the demand for peace and justice for our loved region heard.