Town Hall Summer 2018

Town Hall Summer 2018

We invite you to join and support us as we organize a series of regional meetings led by people working on a broad range of issues: climate, peace, immigrant rights, worker justice, black lives matter, #metoo, ending the drug war, criminal justice reform, gun law reform, health care for all, and more. 

The idea is to build momentum together, because when we move together we are a majority and a force of extraordinary strength.

It won’t be easy, but building strength in unity — in international caravans, peace movements, and the social justice front lines — is what Global Exchange has always been about. 

We will coordinate with national organizations and local organizers to bring these burning issues of our of day to town squares, public halls, in places big and small across the U.S.

Help us as we work to break out of “issue silos” that have compartmentalize and held back our movements. Help us to forge new links and unity for the struggles to come.

We need your help. Please volunteer and support us.