This page has information about events connected to the CARAVANA43 of Ayotzinapa families and students who will tour the US in the coming weeks They will travel in three routes as well as making multiple visits to Washington, DC.

The Caravan Starts on March 15 and will continue until the end of April.  The first visit to Washington, DC is on March 20th

The route is complicated and the information on this site (like the tour itself) is a work in progress. Please use the information below (links, emails, phone numbers) to connect to people and events in your community.

Live TV coverage of some of the events will be available on: Rompeviento.TV

 The information below is divided as follows:

1.    Washington, DC Info about multiple visits.
2.    Pacific Coast Route starting (details of 3/19 kick-off events in LA)
3.    Contact information for Pacific Route
4.    General contact info.
5.    Bios of (some) caravaneros.


Washington, DC
Ayotzinapa Poster Project
Contact: Arturo J. Viscarra
School of the America’s Watch
Wednesday March 25th 6:00 pm: Casa de Maryland will be hosting an open panel discussion with the Latino community in Maryland and the DMV. 8151 15th Avenue. Hyattsville, Maryland. 20783.  Panelist include:
•    Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, a lawyer at the highly respected Tlachinollan Human Rights Center, that promotes and defends the rights of the indigenous and poor people Guerrero, Mexico. Vidulfo has worked closely with the families of the 43 disappeared students and is highly informed about their case.
•    Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval Sandoval, a member of the faculty of the Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapa Guerrero. His son, a student at the college, survived the police attack that resulted in the death of 6 people, the wounding of 25, and the forced disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students.
•    Maria Luisa Rosal, Field Organizer, SOA Watch will moderate the discussion.

Thursday March 26th at 5:00pm: Members of the #Ayotzi43DC will hosting a vigil in front of the Mexican embassy to mark 6 months since the 43 Ayotzinapa students went missing. The vigil will be followed by a march to the US Department of State building. 1911 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Washington, DC.

Monday April 6th: The “Atlantic Caravan” of parents and family members of the Caravana 43 arrives in Washington DC. Lobbying of congressional offices to take place.

Wednesday April 7th from 7 to 9 pm: A joint event will be held in conjunction with family members affected by police brutality in the US alongside parents of the Ayotzinapa 43. More information to be released as soon as the time and place are determined.

April 16 – 20: The “Central Caravan” of parents and family members of the Caravana 43 arrives in Washington DC. Events and locations to be determined.
Pacific Coast route Caravanistas:
•Blanca Luz Nava Vélez, madre de Jorge Alvarez Nava
•Estanislao Mendoza Chocolate, padre de Miguel Ángel Mendoza Zacarías
•Ángel Neri De La Cruz Ayala, estudiante
•Josimar De la Cruz Ayala, estudiante


Caravana 43 Pacific Route Schedule:
Mar 15 – 17 El Paso (Group 1)
Mar 18  El Paso, viaje a Las Cruces
Mar 19  Las Cruces (Group 1) / Llegada a Los Angeles (Group 2)
Mar 20  Llegada a Los Angeles (Group 1) / Los Angeles (Group 2)
Mar 21, 22  Los Angeles
Mar 23 – 25  San Diego
Mar 26, 27  Viaje a Oxnard
Mar 28, 29  Fresno
Mar 30, 31  Santa Cruz
Apr 1     Viaje a San Jose / San Jose
Apr 2,3    Berkeley
Apr 4- 6   San Francisco
Apr 7     Santa Rosa
Apr 8 – 10     Sacramento
Apr 11   Viaje a Portland via Salem/Woodburn
Apr 12 – 14   Portland
Apr 15   Olympia
Apr 16 – 18   Seattle
Apr 19 – 21   Yakima
Apr 22  – 24 Las Vegas
Apr 25  – 27 Denver

Los Angeles 19-22 March
Jueves 19
Eventos en CalStateNorthridge:
4:00-6:00 PRESENTACION PUBLICA (Coordinación con MECHA)
7:00-8:00 Conferencia de Prensa ampliada (incluye programa con Luengas y medios independientes)
Coordinan: Coalición Latinoamericana por AyotzinapaLos Angeles
Viernes 20
10:00-12:00 CalState LA
2:00-5:00 PM: Sindicatos de Maestros, Manhattan Beach (Grupo A) (Coordina Rosemary Lee, Alianza Trinacional por la Defensa de la Educació)
2:00-5:00 PM: Inglewood High School (Grupo B)
5:30-8:00 PM: Reunión de la Caravana con organizadores
Sabado 21
10-12 Placita Olvera: Evento Cultural-Primavera Ayotzinapa y Conferencia de Prensa
1-3 pm: Reunión con la comunidad Centroamericana (CARECEN-Coordina Alex Sánchez de Homies Unidos)
5-7:30 UTLA Coalición Latinoamericana porAyotzinapa
Domingo 22
9:00-11:00 Sindicatos CFT Manhatan Beach (Grupo A)
9:00-11:00 Riverside (Grupo B)
12:30-4:00 Marcha Placita Olvera-Federal Building-City Hall-Consulado General de Méxco



April 2nd:
2PM-4PM Memorial Glade Demostración/ Rally

Bienvenida de los Padres/Welcoming the Parents

6PM-8PM 110 Boalt Hall
Discusión/ Discussion with Jim Cavallaro
Commisioner Inter-American Commission of Human Rights/Berkeley Law School

April 3rd
1PM -3PM

“Ayotzinapa: Mexico at the Crossroads”
Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

Vigilia/ Vigil at Campanile

For more information about the Caravana43, please contact the regional coordinators:
Central Coordinator Julio Cesar Guerrero, camila@umich.edu, (517) 304 -2743
Pacific Region Coordinator Enrique Davalos, edavalos@sdccd.edu, (619) 885-6081
Atlantic Region Coordinator Martha Ojeda, cjmstaff2012@gmail.com, (210) 420-0724


Caravana 43 LA                        Gaspar Rivera-Salgado         grsalgado@irle.ucla.edu        310-462-6553

Caravana 43 LA                        Rodrigo Argueta                    lacomite@aol.com               323 854 2060

Caravana 43 LA                        Mario Avila                            tierramario@gmail.com       562-328-6243

Caravana 43 LA                        Alicia Arango                         aliciaarango@yahoo.com      951-396-8402

Caravana 43 LA                        Diana Guillen                        rubydvf33@hotmail.com       213 8224366

Caravana 43 LA Riverside       Maribel Nuñez                      mnunezhi1@gmail.com       562-569-4051

Caravana 43 SD                        Marco Amaral                       marco.amaral6@gmail.com

Caravana 43 SD                        Ricardo Favela                      ricardo@alliancesd.org         760 468 4519

Caravana 43 SD                        Rosa Barajas                         rsbarajas@yahoo.com

Caravana 43 Oxnard                LudiDivi                                 zamora-veracruz@msn.com 805-407-601

Caravana 43 Fresno                  Leoncio Vasquez Santos       lvasquez@fiob.org                559-367-1017

Caravana 43 Santa Cruz          Ariana                                    afederic@ucsc.edu            619-721-189

Caravana 43 Santa Cruz          Martha                                  mmortega@ucsc.edu       951- 547-9923

Caravana 43 Santa Cruz          Alvaro                                    amendiza@ucsc.edu        818-399-3563

Caravana 43 Santa Cruz          Yadira Diaz Ramirez             ydiaz1@ucsc.edu                831 316-8420

Caravana 43 San Jose               Gustavo Flores                      floresrgustavo@gmail.com  408-509-0166

Caravana 43 SF                         Chelis Lopez                          cheliskpoo@gmail.com        415-6060167

Caravana 43 SF                         David Bacon                          dbacon@igc.org

Caravana 43 SF                         Michelle Ruiz                        mixelle@riseup.net

Caravana 43 SF                         Olga Miranda                        olgam@seiulocal87.org; orgullosachicana@yahoo.com

Caravana 43 Berkeley              Christopher K Lopez              lopezone23@berkeley.edu,

Caravana 43 Berkeley              ISMAEL CHAMU                    ichamu33@berkeley.edu

Caravana 43 Berkeley              Ivonne del Valle                    idelvalle@berkeley.edu          (510)8981272

Caravana 43 Berkeley              KARLA E GARCIA                   karelagar32@berkeley.edu

Caravana 43 Santa Rosa          Antonio H Ramirez               raga60.ar@gmail.com          707 319 6317

Caravana 43 Sacramento         Gabriel Torres                     gabrielstorres1@gmail.com   916 453-9543

Caravana 43 Sacramento         Al Rojas                                 nadm916@aol.com           916 712-4251

Caravana 43 Sacramento         Páramo Hernández               vallense@aol.com                916 825-0402

Caravana 43 Sacramento         Luis Magana                          LMagana@afsc.org           209 405-1213

Caravana 43 Portland               Francisco Lopez                     flopez@oregonorganizingproject.org

Caravana 43 Portland               somos Solidarios                   somos43solidarios@gmail.com
Juan Carlos López Baca: 503-268-7066, Marco Zafra: 971-340-8233, Melecia Torres Carrillo: 503-449-5668

Caravana 43 Olympia WA        RebecaWylie DeEcheverria   beccawe@gmail.com             360 972 8380

Caravana 43 Olympia WA        Mick Arieta                            mickarieta@gmail.com        631-219-4253

Caravana 43 Seattle                   Chris Rodriguez                     pinchef@gmail.com

Caravana 43 Seattle                   Cielo Abigail                          cieloabi@gmail.com

Caravana 43 Seattle                   Juan Jose Bocanegra             bocajj1@comcast.net          206-650-2106

Caravana 43 Seattle                   Mexicanos Unidos en WA     mexicanosunidosen.wa@gmail.com

Caravana 43 Seattle                   Ricardo Ortega                      uxxmal56@hotmail.com      206 354-0671

Caravana 43 Yakima                 Roberto Alvizo                       robertoalvizo@hotmail.com 509-557-2677

Caravana 43 Las Vegas             Jorge Martin                          jamsjinc@gmail.com

Caravana 43 Denver                  Nelson Rodriguez                  nelson.rodriguez398@gmail.com

Caravana 43 Tucson                  Ana Maria Vasquez               bucbucdao96@gmail.com

Foto periodista New York         Emily Pederson                    emilykpederson@gmail.com 401-742-7602

Guia, conductor Caravana        Felix Garcia                           elcora55@yahoo.com         619-207-7758

Guia, conductor Caravana        Cesar Ortigoza          cesarortigozaboxing@hotmail.com   760-685-6659


Atlantic Route

Caravana43 Atlantic Region: McAllen, TX – Houston, TX – New Orleans, LA – Birmingham, AL – Atlanta, GA – Durham, NC – Blacksburg, VA – Richmond, VA – Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC – Philadelphia, PA – New York, NY – Hartford, CT – Boston, MA

Caravanistas •María de Jesús Tlatempa Bello
•Clemente Rodríguez Moreno
•Guadalupe Hilda Lara Torres
•Felipe De la Cruz Sandoval
Midwest Route

Caravana43 Central Region: San Antonio, TX – Austin, TX – Dallas, TX – Kansas City, KS – St. Louis, MO – St. Paul, MN – Milwaukee, WI – Chicago, IL – Grand Rapids, MI – Lansing, MI – Detroit, MI – Columbus, OH


Omar Vázquez Arellano
Anayeli Guerrero de la Cruz
Vidulfo  Rosales Sierra


Blanca Luz Nava Velez, mother of Jorge Álvarez Nava, (disappeared on 26 and 27 September)

She is a farm worker mother of two children.

I miss my son very much He used to sing to me and we were very close,

He used to like music and was always by my side because he was the type that gets sick a lot. I miss my home, my children, my grandson, now he is already a big boy.


Estanislao Mendoza Chocolates the father of Miguel Angel Mendoza Zechariah (disappeared on 26 and 27 September).

“I am a father of a young man that’s missing which I’m looking for along with other parents in our group. I am here because it is necessary to look for my son as all the other students. I don’t think anyone would like to be in this position.”

“its’ not our choice, the Government has taken our children away from us, I know the Government doesn’t like what we’re doing but we will do whatever is necessary.

Before this happened I knew nothing about protesting, I was happy in the fields just working and now during the last few months. I have abandoned my house, my children, hoping to find the one that’s missing. “

“I want to find him to reunite with the rest so things can be as before, although I think that nothing will be the same, because after this, I do not think that the Government will leave us in peace. Other issues will come up and that’s what I fear, that when this is over, the Government will come by and take us one by one…there is the fear of what will happen then? Who can guarantee my safety? Where will I go? Can I go live in another city? I would not leave my people, leave everything behind, my family, That is the fear I have once we’re finished with all this.”


Angel Neri of the Cruz Ayala

is a surviving witness of the events in Iguala, Guerrero in which 43 students were forcefully disappeared.

He is a second year student pursuing a BA in elementary education in the Raúl Isidro

Burgos, teaching academy of Ayotzinapa; He is Chair of the student disciplinary code committee:

“I am originally from Acapulco, Guerrero, and survivor of the events which took place on 26 and 27 September 2014, I am 19 years old. Before looking into the Ayotzinapa teaching academy I wanted to study in the school of Medicine of the University of Guerrero in Acapulco, but my family has serious economic problems, so I decided to enroll in the  Ayotzinapa academy.

“Ayotzinapa is very different from other schools, because they give you a one=week probation period to be sure you’re really serious.”

“Before enrolling my idea was the following, be academic and get me to the Rondalla, since I like to play guitar, but in study and development groups a concern was born in me to know more, so when they opened the call for the activist cause I joined and there with another 11 of my peers. We had political and social training that consisted of forming committees to visit other rural academies and social organizations inside and outside the State.”

“As students in Ayotzinapa, we are called vandals, guerrillas, some people say we are of the worst kind, but it is people who don’t know the conditions in which we live, and the reasons for which we strive, because as long as there is poverty the Ayotzinapa school will have reason to exist even more.”

As a result of the events we have seen the need to interrupt our studies within the teaching academy, this is only a small part of what I have lived within the Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos school in Ayotzinapa. Josimar de la Cruz Ayala has a degree in Sociology of communication and education, from the Autonomous University of Guerrero. I am the oldest of four children, I grew up in an atmosphere of good values, where respect for others is expected as well as the fight for equality. I have always tried to be a good example for my brothers, I have no vices, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink nor use drugs. I am married, father of eight year who is my life. She is a reason for me to be in this struggle. I don’t want the present in which I live to her future. I am currently unemployed, I got fired for being part of this group.


Cruz Bautista Salbadoris (Los Angeles only)

Certified indigenous preschool teacher in the mountain high school, in Tlapa,Guerrero.

He is uncle to Benajamín Bautista Salbador (one of the students disappeared on 26 and 27 September).

“We are Natives from a Nahuatl village and we speak our mother tongue. I worked in the fields speaking Nahuatl. I speak in Nahuatl at home with my mom, as we master two languages, My mother did not understand Spanish, Now understands Spanish, but still finds it difficult to speak it.”



Links that might be helpful:


San Diego: http://allevents.in/san%20diego/caravana-43-marcha-march-eventos-events/1599421613604943#