What is happening in Venezuela?

What is happening in Venezuela?

It is a perplexing question and one that we have been discussing a lot lately at Global Exchange. We are alarmed over deepening conflict and concerned about the dire conditions facing Venezuelans. We are also worried and sometimes divided about apparent anti-democratic moves by the government and the best path ahead — as are many other observers in Latin America and around the world.

In our efforts to understand what is happening in Venezuela we have spoken with people on the ground and are reading widely — beyond mainstream US sources. To help expand and deepen debate and understanding we wanted to share some of that with you.

One thing we are clear and unified about is this: The United States has no business intervening in Venezuela’s internal conflict. On the rest, we are posting here because we are curious what your analysis is too, so here’s to hoping for a vibrant and civil debate.

The case against US intervention is clear and is well laid out here in an article from the Independent called:  Venezuela may be on the brink of civil war and the US – for once – should keep its nose out.

Mark Weisbrot, director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research shares why he believes that: “More Severe Sanctions Against Venezuela Would Only Worsen Crisis and Possibly Violence.”

Here are two articles from NACLA, a long trusted source of critical reporting on Latin America.

Critiquing Maduro from the Left By Steve Ellnerd
What’s Left of the Bolivarian Revolution By Sujatha Fernandes

Contributors to the left-independent, Jocobin Magazine have presented a variety of analysis both critical of the government and supportive of popular initiatives it undertook in recent decades.

Which Way Out of the Venezuelan Crisis? By George Ciccariello-Maher
Why “Twenty First Century Socialism” Failed By Eva María
Being Honest About Venezuela By Mike Gonzalez

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