The hot and hazy summer months inspire many to get outdoors, enjoy the summer sun, and partake in one of America’s favorite past times, camping. Camping of course, inspires late night campfires which are incomplete without the one sticky, delicious, chocolaty treat that makes all of the mosquito bites worthwhile, the S’more.

Throughout August 2008, people nationwide will be joining together saying “We Want More from Our S’mores!” by making s’mores with Fair Trade Chocolate. The delicious action is an effort to celebrate and assist cocoa farmers worldwide who are living in grinding poverty, to gain access to education, health care, and humane working conditions.

Spearheaded by the upcoming September 19th release of Battle in Seattle, a new movie about the movement for Fair Trade starring Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron and Andre Benjamin, the S’mores campaign is one of a number of campaigns aimed at providing an active way for the public to participate in making a difference.

To take part in this delicious, gooey action simply use Fair Trade Chocolate when making your campfire s’mores. Let the campaign know that you are participating in this National action by registering your s’mores by August 31. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can videotape your s’mores action and submit your creative accounts to Global Exchange’s S’mores Action YouTube group.

Attention Bay Area residents! Come join the Global Exchange 2008 Summer Interns on Wednesday, August 13th, where they will be hosting a “Fair Trade S’mores Happy Hour” in Dolores Park at 6pm. Free Fair Trade Chocolate will be provided, and delicious graham crackers and marshmallows can be purchased just across the street at Bi-rite or Rainbow markets.

So, come out and take this action. It’s fair trade aaand delicious!