The Board of Directors of Global Exchange is pleased to announce Ms. Carleen Pickard as the organization’s new Executive Director. Carleen will follow Kirsten Moller’s twenty-three year legacy of leadership and compassion. We are collectively elated about the new energy, new ideas, and new skills that Carleen brings to Global Exchange. Her long history of organizing, both nationally and internationally, allows Global Exchange to continue and expand our near quarter-century of activism. Carleen will complement our “people-to-people” traditions–advocating for progressive domestic change and credible alternatives to corrupt global-economic and political policies. Join us in welcoming Carleen Pickard.

Walter Turner, Board President

Kirsten Moller and Carleen Pickard at Global Exchange's Open House, October 6, 2011

I’m excited to pass the torch to Carleen who has been part of Global Exchange for thirteen years. As Associate Director for the past year, she has worked with members, global partners and staff to build on the people-to-people connections that are integral to GX and essential to fighting for a better world. She also knows the organization thoroughly and is committed to the goals of economic, social and environmental justice, peace and sustainability–values core to Global Exchange’s founding mission.

After two decades, the founders, are ready to embrace new projects and hand over the day-to-day operations to the next generation.   The founders, Kevin Danaher, Medea Benjamin and I, are excited about creating a smooth transition to new leadership after 23 years.  I will fulfill a new role at Global Exchange as Director of Organizing.

Kirsten Moller, Founding Director

I am thrilled and honored to leverage Global Exchange’s legendary signature campaigns that have challenged corporate rule, fought oppression and built alternatives to injustice. With our amazing staff and the support of all of you, we will truly harness the energy of these exciting times and guide a fundamental shift away from a society of greed to one of caring, from a profit-centered economy to people-centered, from currency to community.

Carleen Pickard, Executive Director

We announced Carleen as our new Executive Director at our October 6 Open House. Be sure to check out the pictures of the event, and a video of this special occasion.