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The Biden Administration has moved quickly on immigration matters — issuing new executive orders on asylum and family separations just last night.  

It is time to take stock.

On February 3rd we hosted a webcast looking at these policies from the point of view of recent deportees and asylum seekers and advocates on both sides of the border — from Washington to Guadalajara.

Panelists Include:

  • Professor Bill Hing, Law professor at the University of San Francisco and founder of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
  • Jill Anderson, Co-founder and Co-Director of Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA), a Mexico City-based NGO which works with returning and deported young people in Mexico.
  • Tran Dang, former law firm attorney who has represented victims of persecution in regional human rights forums and systems, UNHCR, and the UN special procedures. Executive Director and founder of the Rhizome Center for Migrants, a Mexico based non-profit organization working to support and defend forcibly displaced persons and uprooted people at risk around the world.
  • Cesar Vega, returnee and advocacy fellow at the Rhizome Center for Migrants.
  • Daniella Burgi-Palomino, Co-director of Latin America Working Group. She has worked on the protection of migrant rights in the U.S.-Mexico-Central America corridor with a variety of civil society organizations and foundations for over twelve years.