Just an update from your Global Exchange friends at the Berkeley Store. If you’re ever in the Berkeley area, check out some lovely clothing they are carrying, as seen on the left. They are made by an amazing women’s collective in India called Aagor Daagra Afad.

Aagor Daagra Afad is a women’s collective working with about 50 villages in Assam India. The group was formed to help some of the poorest women who have been domestic servants most of their lives. Through this program 75% are able to rejoin their villages and weave for the collective. When the women come to the group they already know how to weave and use their traditional patterns with vibrant colors. Through this work they are able to keep their traditional weaving alive and support themselves.

Aagor Daagra Afad work with designers and then train the women in what will sell both in the merging Indian and western markets. Look for bright colored hand-loomed blouses, scarves, shoulder bags, pillow covers, table runners and picture frames and journals at the Global Exchange Berkeley Store.