Trump’s proposed version of NAFTA falls far short of the long held demands of the labor, environmental, and human rights communities. This webinar is an important opportunity to provide our movement with information about the impact that NAFTA has had and how Trump’s NAFTA could continue to harm working people and the environment in all three countries. It will also provide grassroots activists with context and talking points for contacting their member of congress and offer ways to get involved in the fight against Trump’s pro-corporate NAFTA.


* Will Wiltschko, Director, California Trade Justice Coalition (moderator)
* Selden Prentice, Trade and Climate Activist, 350 Seattle
* David Bacon, Photojournalist and Activist
* Hannah Lyon, Cancer Families for Affordable Medicine

Within the coming months, Congress will decide whether or not Trump’s NAFTA deal is passed in its current form. The next 60 days will be critical to pressure Congress to either fix the NAFTA proposal by reopening the texts to remove the dangerous provisions on pharmaceuticals and add enforcement mechanisms, or keep it from coming to a vote if the Trump administration refuses to allow changes to the deal.