Traveling through mountains and dirt roads with fingers crossed (we didn’t have a 4 x 4!) we ended up at the house of Sunpayi Nkuna, a woodcarver that Khumulani Craft helps to promote. We were once again accompanied by a representative from Khumbulani, the South African organization that contributes towards poverty alleviation in rural communities through the production, marketing and sale of traditional and contemporary craft.
Sunpayi lives in a village called Hlalanikahlie located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. His small stone house is set in a beautiful area of rolling mountains and expansive fields. He works with a number of woods including jacaranda, creating hand-carved utilitarian creations like salad servers and other wooden kitchen utensils. His designs are unique in shape and exquisitely carved. The income Sunpayi earns from carving goes towards school fees for his children and to buy mealies to plant. We are excited to bring some of Sunpayi’s creations to the U.S.!