Last Monday, President Obama gave a speech before the Disabled American Veterans national convention in Atlanta, Georgia stating that the US military is on target and will withdraw all its combat troops from Iraq by the end of August.

Global Exchange and CODEPINK join in on a statement in hopes to get out the truth that the Iraq war was based on lies, left Iraq in tatters, drained our resources and MUST NOT be repeated for years to come in Afghanistan.

Read the ‘Iraq Debacle’ statement as we evaluate the legacy of seven years of war and urge the Administration and Congress on actions to take.

The Iraq Debacle

We Demand:

  • Full withdrawl and closure of military bases.
  • Reparations to Iraqis.
  • Full support for returning troops needs.
  • Prosecution of officials who led Iraq War.
  • Transfer of war funds to rebuild USA.
  • Taking lesson from this war to: End Afghan War.

Follow our sisters at CODEPINK as they organize actions during the week of August 24-31 — the week that most US troops are set to return from Iraq.