The Five Day Campaign Trek.

Not exactly a workout plan nor a hike up a mountain, but rather Stephen Elliott-Buckley of Politics ReSpun’s run-through of some of Global Exchange’s 2011 campaigns. Last week, we sent out our first News and Action of the year where we commented on how grassroots activism will be the key in pushing for positive change in our communities at home and abroad. Stephen took that e-mail crafted a powerful series of blog posts.

Now, we’re not just highlighting Mr. Elliott-Buckley because he said that Global Exchange is “one of his favourite organizations in the world,” (wee-eellll…) but we’re highlighting Stephen’s posts because he makes some interesting parallels and poignant observations.

Stephen managed to take the five campaign goals that we presented, expand on them and made them relevant to Canadians (Politics ReSpun is a Canadian-based blog), while also applying them in a more general context that activists from all over can take away from.

Through his posts, we are able to see the bigger picture goals of the work that Global Exchange is trying to achieve.