Take Action: Saturday We March for Our Lives

The week started with yet another school shooting, this time in Maryland.

It is time to end this madness!

Students are leading the charge for sensible gun laws that put restrictions on who can own and operate guns that can easily be turned into instruments of slaughter.

They know that our current policies mean that it is 82 times more likely for a student in the US to be killed by gun violence as their counterparts around the world!

Stand with them on Saturday as we March for Our Lives — to demand that Congress take immediate action to protect the lives of children and people of all ages.

We need massive turnout on streets this SaturdayClick here to find an event near you.Let’s make our voices heard.

Our members of Congress need to know that we represent millions of voters (and future voters), and that we are watching their actions now.

Saturday’s marchers are taking the first steps on a long road toward gun sanity in the USA.

For the families of the Parkland tragedy and every needless firearm death… we march.

See you in the Streets Saturday!