Have you heard about Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign’s upcoming rally in NYC’s Times Square happening on Wednesday June 8th?

The purpose of this rally is clear; to encourage Hershey to go Fair Trade.

You are invited to join us at this rally in front of the Hershey Store and ask Hershey to make the switch to Fair Trade.


When: June 8 2011, 10:30am – 12:30pm
Where: In front of the Hershey Store in Times Square
1593 Broadway (Northwest corner of Broadway and 48th Street, Manhattan)

Who will be there: We are reaching out to local NYC social justice groups, students, schools and faith groups that care about this issue. Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign groups (Green America, Global Exchange, International Labor Rights Forum) and our other allies will be there as well.

For up to date info about the rally visit www.raisethebarhershey.org/rally or contact info@raisethebarhershey.org.

To download the event flyer click here. (Great for printing out and sharing with others; 2 fliers per page)