Jessica_IraqSignThe recent escalation of sectarian civil-conflict in Iraq is driving a humanitarian catastrophe. Untold thousands are fleeing fighting in northern Iraq. Graphic reports of “cold-blooded executions” of Iraqi army soldiers by victorious rebel forces have been reported in the international media and verified by UN observers.

But renewed U.S. intervention is not the answer.

Global Exchange has long been concerned about the well being of the Iraqi people. In 2002, five months before George W. Bush launched the illegal war in Iraq, we warned in theSan Francisco Chronicle that, “pre-emptive wars … set the United States on a course of permanent war.”

After the invasion, we called for swift U.S. withdrawal noting that “the Bush dream for the Middle East has become the region’s nightmare.”

It is worth remembering these things because the same neo-con forces that led us to war in Iraq are attempting to generate a new “Fog Machine of War” as described by imprisoned war resister and Global Exchange “People’s Choice” award winner Chelsea Manning in a blistering New York Times op-ed this week.

As veteran anti-war organizer Tom Hayden says: “Obama has been forced by events to send some 275 U.S. troops for embassy protection, while a decision on bombing is being mulled. The confused Congress needs to be called upon to be a counterweight against the hawks who want nothing more than to blame Obama instead of themselves for ‘losing’ Iraq.”

Please contact Congress and President Obama today. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Please join us, the Friend Committee on National Legislation, and all peace-loving allies.

Look up your elected officials and tell them to:

  • Reject another U.S. military intervention;
  • Halt unconditional military aid to Iraq;
  • Convene a conference to establish a comprehensive arms embargo to Iraq and Syria;
  • Publicly support a political settlement between key parties in the conflict;
  • Increase and better allocate humanitarian funds to address the humanitarian crisis.

Take action now.