Just days after inciting a deadly terrorist attack on America’s capitol, President Trump has put Cuba back on the “state sponsor of terrorism list”. This infuriating and hypocritical action against Cuba is their last attack on Obama era diplomatic progress and erects a new roadblock to plans by the incoming Biden Administration to restore diplomatic relations.

Cuba does not sponsor terrorism. That is a straight up lie. Cuba is known around the world for its humanitarian internationalism. It exports doctors, musicians, teachers, artists, and dancers that reflect the country’s people centered values. In response to the global pandemic Cuba has sent doctors to countries most impacted by COVID-19.

We invite you to read a recent article by Global Exchange Co-Founder, Medea Benjamin and New Good Neighbor ally, Leonardo Flores.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is right to condemn, “the hypocritical and cynical designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

The Trump Administration has spent four years unraveling the historic diplomatic advances of the Obama years and cynically promoting a new campaign of scare tactics and misinformation.

The Trump Administration is reviving America’s long-failing regime change strategy that aims to strangle Cuba’s economy and weaken its leaders. This 60 year old tactic of impoverishing Cuba’s people to inspire them to rise up is immoral and discredited.


It is already way past time to end the economic blockade of Cuba and restore full diplomatic relations.