Andy-Klase2012 Global Exchange intern and Generation for Justice alumni member Andy Klase, who wrote the poem about reclaiming the holidays, is back, this time to share his take on Valentine’s Day. These (funny) views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Global Exchange:) xox

Fair-Trade-Valentine-GiftStumped This Valentine’s Day? We Can Help!

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time for many of us. How can we show our affection for others thoughtfully and avoid being capitalist pawns? Here is how Global Exchange’s Gift of Membership can help any Valentine’s Day conundrum by giving twice the love:

The “We Aren’t Celebrating Valentine’s Day” Couple: Am I the only one who feels fear and anxiety when that special someone tells me “we don’t need a special day to show everyone how much we care about one another, we can do that every day”? You know it’s a good idea and you should be happy about it, yet you can’t help but feel that same insanity-inducing feeling you get when they tell you not to buy them something on their birthday. Maybe they’ll feign anger because you got them a little something, but that beats the heck out of the alternative. Cover your bases people. Besides, the gift of membership lasts all year!

Ryan-GThe Hopeless Romantic: Never have anyone to love on Valentine’s Day? Then make the world your Valentine! Your gift of membership supports Global Exchange’s efforts to create a more compassionate and kind world. Show your affection for the planet by supporting a healthy planet, happy humankind, and justice for all! Sending your gift of membership to a loved one in 2013 won’t guarantee you a snuggle buddy for your annual viewing of the Notebook, but being able to tell yourself that Ryan Gosling would be proud is almost as good.

The Hopeful Romantic: Got your eye on a special valentine this year? Then throw some fair trade picnic items in your handmade tote bag and have a romantic (and socially responsible) evening with your valentine. Show your thoughtfulness and compassion while sharing the gift of a better world. Even if things don’t work out, you can rest assured that your hard earned cash went toward creating a better world and saved another teddy bear from spending the rest of eternity in a landfill.

This Valentine’s Day show your significant other, relative, or friend how much you care about them by inviting them to join the movement to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable global community with this sweet Valentine’s Day gift. Your loved ones will know how much you care about them and the planet. A gift that gives twice, that’s nice!


Global Exchange Valentine’s Gift Membership Package

Purchase your gift that doubles the love today! The Global Exchange Gift Membership Package includes:

  • One-Year Membership to Global Exchange;
  • Handmade Expressions Tote Bag;
  • Divine Chocolate 3.5oz Bar;
  • Rishi Tea’s Organic Loose Leaf Earl Grey;
  • Peace Coffee’s Organic Whole Bean Coffee;
  • River Stone Heart from Haiti, which helps fund Haitian relief activities of HAND/EYE Fund’s Artisan Grants Program.

River Stone Hearts from Haiti (also available in our Fair Trade Stores)

Not only will they love being part of an unstoppable movement for change, but they will also love the Fair Trade gifts that come along with it!

You choose the someone, and Global Exchange will take care of the rest. They’ll send out the membership card and gift package, plus keep your loved one(s) in the loop about Global Exchange programs and events.  It’s that simple.

For more details and order deadline, check out the Valentines’s Day Gift Membership package page today.