It’s springtime and discounts are in the air! Use the discount codes provided below by June 17th and save $200 on any of the following Reality ToursWe hope you can join us on one of these great trips!


Venezuela: Community Development & Populist Movements
July 18-27
Discount code: VzGX15

Travel with Global Exchange to dig past the headlines and explore the changes occurring in Venezuela, Latin America and the hemisphere as a whole. You will meet with human rights activists, rural agricultural workers, labor unions, community activists, journalists, and government officials and opposition figures, and see for yourself the unprecedented social change that is occurring at this historic time in Venezuela and the region.

Costa Rica: Sustainability on the Caribbean Coast
July 18-27
Discount code: CrGX15

Join use as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a tourism-based economy. As we travel across this naturally rich and strikingly beautiful country, we will examine the social and environmental problems facing Costa Ricans and meet the important players who are creating sustainable solutions. The local solutions to these challenges will inspire our action and involvement with these issues.

Iran: Ancient and Contemporary Culture
September 19 – October 3
Discount code: IranGX15

The Citizens Diplomacy Reality Tour to Iran will give participants a chance to see inside this much-maligned nation and gain first-hand experience of the effects of the political policies of both the United States and Iran. Participants will have a chance to put a human face on this ongoing political dispute and help facilitate understanding and respect between people of different nations.