Try these amazing Equal Exchange chocolate bars--woops, looks like someone already has!

My favorite Equal Exchange chocolate bar so far… soon to be devoured!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so I’ve been thinking a lot about 1) the people I love, and 2) how much I love chocolate. I confess, I probably won’t be changing my chocolate buying practices around Valentine’s Day—but only because I already eat Fair Trade chocolate two or three times a week!

My new favorite is the Organic Mint Chocolate with a Delicate Crunch from Equal Exchange—this chocolate bar is so good, and reminds me of those Andes chocolate mints I used to get at restaurants as a kid. (Let me know in the comments if there’s another Fair Trade chocolate bar I just have to try!)

Some people stress about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but not to worry, the Global Exchange Fair Trade stores have a great selection from handmade soapstone hearts and jewelry to Fair Trade chocolate, of course.

You may already have an answer for why buying Fair Trade chocolate is better for your loved ones, but let me share mine. I like to ask myself the question, what and who do I love? When I think about how much I love chocolate, I can proudly say I love the people who help make chocolate for me to consume a reality.

Daniel Santo, of the COCABO co-operative in Panama. Photo courtesy of La Siembra & Dary Goodrich of Equal Exchange.

Daniel Santo, of the COCABO co-operative in Panama. Photo courtesy of La Siembra & Dary Goodrich of Equal Exchange.

I love supporting farmers who work hard to produce high quality cocoa, and I recognize that families and communities still struggle to provide a livelihood for themselves and their children through agricultural commodities. Their attention and commitment to their work and the cocoa they produce contributes to my love of chocolate. I want cocoa producers to enjoy fair working conditions, and I don’t want my purchasing decisions to support slave labor. There’s definitely no love in that.

Fair Trade certification means that small farmers, like those in the cooperatives that work with Equal Exchange, get to make decisions on their own terms and aren’t bossed around by huge corporations into accepting unfair prices. Buying Fair Trade chocolate is about putting your money where your mouth is—if you don’t believe in forced labor and child slavery, you don’t have to support it. That’s the power of ethical economic alternatives like Fair Trade.

Come to the Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores and Make Valentines!


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This Valentine’s Day we’re excited to celebrate our love of Fair Trade with a special event at our Global Exchange Fair Trade stores: Make Your Own Fair Trade Valentine!

The when and where: Join us Saturday, February 9th in San Francisco, Berkeley, Arlington, or D.C. from 1-4 pm to make your own special Fair Trade Valentine. We’ll have lots of supplies, including markers and maybe even some glitter, plus color-your-own Fair Trade action postcards (see below for details). You just bring the love. And who knows, you might even find that special gift you’ve been searching for!

While you’re there, pick up some Fair Trade chocolate. I’ve heard eating chocolate can lower your stress level–or was it the negative effects of dementors?

Either way, share the love this Valentine’s Day by coming to see us at a Global Exchange Fair Trade store near you on Saturday, or visiting your own local Fair Trade store.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

WorldFinest-Fair-Trade-postTAKE ACTION! Did you read Zarah’s awesome post about our current Fair Trade action? Help us tell World’s Finest Chocolate that finest means Fair Trade by coloring in this great postcard at our Make Your Own Fair Trade Valentine event!