Rights of Nature: Is the Planet Ready?

As autumn rolls out, the Rights of Nature roll in with a dynamic movement building across the globe. How can we as humans alter our relationship with nature from that of ownership to one of harmony? We are pleased to share that world leaders such as Vandana Shiva, Maude Barlow, and 2010 Right Livelihood Awardee Nnimmo Bassey are joining us in a new paradigm shift: the Rights of Nature.

Global Exchange and the Council of Canadians are collaborating on a book on the Rights of Nature to be published this Spring with input from inspirational leaders, activists, and experts.

This September 2010 in Ecuador, the ground breaking international gathering of individuals and organizations promoting Rights of Nature met to form the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature.  The Alliance will serve as a platform for the recognition and administration of the Rights of Nature through their declaration, founding council and executive committee.  They will work to foster a network of people and organizations that through collective action will implement this new way to change our current view of Nature, both culturally and legally.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) this December, will mark another step in the movement towards Rights of Nature with Global Exchange, The Council of Canadians, and Fundacion Pachamama hosting a Panel discussion with Shannon Biggs, Maude Barlow, Tom Goldtooth, and Belen Paez.  There will also be an opportunity for environmental and climate justice activists get involved with workshops that will allow for practical action and a forward building coalition.

Join us in Cancun!
Hopefully you will be following the negotiations through the media, but you can also go there by joining on the CARAVANS TO CANCUN. Via Campesina will be driving through three different routes in Mexico on their way to Cancun making visible the grass-roots environmental struggles while building momentum for their final destination at the international climate talks. It will be an adventurous and incredible way to get to the talks. GX is facilitating the international activists so please let us know because the deadline to join is November 12th!