Lots of radio time this year! Here’s another radio show with Global Exchange’s Tex Dworkin along with others speaking more about ethical shopping and all that jazz!

What: City Visions Radio presents “Holiday Gift-Giving that Will Save Your Money and Your Soul”
When: Listen to it anytime from the City Visions website! Originally aired Monday, December 15, 2008
Where: City Visions Radio, 91.7 FM, KALW or online at www.cityvisionsradio.com

Details: Just in time for the holiday season, the nation’s economic recession is official, and dismal Black Friday returns have spoken. Retail sales are the weakest they’ve been in 35 years as we close in on the end of the fourth quarter of 2008.

The holidays are a crucial time for all kinds of businesses, especially retail, whose financial health depends on end-of-the-year earnings. Large and small businesses in the Bay Area and beyond are being forced to scale back or shut down altogether as a result of tightening credit markets and massive debt.

At the same time, consumers are slowing down their spending and looking for ways to save. Yet despite the new emphasis on trimming our budgets, we have been groomed to be a nation of shoppers, and the impulse lingers even if the funds don’t. The holidays, however, weren’t originally about purchases, and many Bay Area shoppers want to give and receive in the spirit of the season by buying gifts with a socially conscious message.

If we don’t spend, do we hurt the economy? How can we give in a way that’s still socially conscious? Can holiday shoppers really help the economy and the world?
Joining host Joseph Pace to discuss the holiday economy alternative gift-giving are:
Tex Dworkin, director of marketing, Global Excahnge
Fiona Ramsey, public relations director, Kiva.org
Mike Duffy, dean, School of Business and Management at the University of San Francisco