We are facing a moral and humanitarian crisis.

The Trump Administration’s cruel and calculated decision to separate immigrant children from their parents is, without a doubt, the clearest display of the real intentions of this racist and heartless Trump led federal government, and evidence of its absence of ethics and morals.

It is estimated the more than 2,000 children, some as young just 12 months old, have been separated from their parents since Attorney General Jeff Sessions instituted the family separation policy in May. Children are left without rights to any legal council, and parents are being told they may never see their children again.

It is hard to imagine the terror and desperation these families face.

We must all stand up and stand against this horrifying action by our elected government.

Call on Congress to pass the HELP Separated Children Act. Take Action!

We at Global Exchange are outraged by this action, and we stand with the hundred of organizations and activists along the border and across the country fighting this decision.

Today we joined Families Belong Together at ICE’s San Francisco headquarters to protest this moral horror of family separations and imprisonment of immigrants and refugees.

But we won’t stop there!

We must make our opposition to these immoral and horrifying policies heard in D.C. (write to Congress and tell them to pass the HELP Separated Children Act), at the border (we are organizing actions at our Town Hall Summer events in Arizona and Texas this August), and at the ballot box in November (register to vote now).

Now is when we must stand together in defense of the most vulnerable and the values (human rights, justice, equity, peace) we share!

Today we ask you call on Congress to pass HELP for Separated Children.

This summer we ask you to help us build a united and mobilized electorate. Join Town Hall Summer, and help us build a people’s first agenda that protects immigrant families, workers, the climate, our environment, and our future.

P.S. Join us June 28th for our Town Hall Summer National Organizing Call. RSVP here.