People’s Movement for Peace and Justice newsletter #2

Meeting of the Black Towns

Black Co-Networks for Peace and Justice attended the 2023 “Meeting of the Black Towns” hosted by Negro Mexico, A.C. and Afro Tamiahua in Tamiahua, Veracruz, Mexico, a historic Afro-Mexican community located by the Tamiahua Lagoon which has been impacted by pollution and climate change. The event was attended by nearly 300 people.

During this event, the Black Co-Networks discussed the need to expand their work and collaborations in Mexico, gathered petition signatures for the People’s Movement for Peace and Justice and recruited potentially new members to the organization.

Also, Deputy Sergio Peñaloza Pérez, the representation of the Mexican Black caucus in Congress, reaffirmed his commitment to work with the Black Co-Networks and is interested in working with the organization to introduce a bill that supports the creation of bartering economies in poor Black and Indigenous areas.

Finally, the Black Co-Networks invited Kat Redding, a member of Black Lives Matter South Bend who works around lead contamination testing and education, to gather soil, paint dust and water (from the Lagoon) samples for testing for lead at the University of Notre Dame.

Also, the Black Co-Networks continue their fundraising campaign to support Afro-Mexican families impacted by hurricane Otis. Please consider donating to support an Afro-Mexican kitchen that aims to feed 100 families monthly and bring medicines and purified water to the community.Donate Today

Survivors of Gun Violence

Next week Stop U.S. Arms to Mexico will be bringing three Mexican victims of armed violence to Washington D.C. to attend the National Vigil for victims of gun violence. The three speakers, Nancy Rosete, Angelina Román, and Jessica Carrillo will be joining survivors from all around the country to remember victims of gun violence, lobby Congress and the Executive branch, and form a united delegation that stands against the flow of arms into our communities. Registration for the National Vigil can be found here:Register

Tune in to the Next Episode of La Encrucijada on Rompeviento TV

See you this today (Thursday) for La Encrucijada! At 3:00 pm CDMX, we will meet to discuss the People’s Movement for Peace and Justice agenda on migration issues. We invite you to tune in on the Rompeviento, Peninsula 360, Molino Informativo and Nuestra Red.

As part of this weekly series, we also want to highlight the ten demands of the movement. The fourth demand is:  Demand a binding binational agreement between the US and Mexico that places human rights at the same level of importance as trade and/or security. We need to ramp up the services and support people need and make sure they are easily accessible in communities.  You can read about ALL the demands of the Movement for Peace and Justice here. 

If you haven’t yet already, please sign our petition showing your support for the People’s Movement for Peace and Justice.