Grandpas and construction workers and students and musicians and dancers and teachers and reporters and celebrities and spiritual leaders and veterans and postal workers and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. (But not one cop.)

All in Oakland Calfornia. All with a purpose. They are the 99%. We are the 99%.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Oakland today, but it did not disappoint.

I met some inspiring people:

Oakland High School Students

~Three high school students, all taking, as they described it, “a sick day.” Two of them attend public school in Oakland and claimed that most of the students from their school were taking to the streets for the general strike/day of action. The other student attends private school in Oakland. He was the only one of his friends from his school who took a “sick day.” Go figure.

~A young woman (pictured in red sweatshirt) who has been camped out in downtown Oakland for weeks now, minus the multi-day stint she spent incarcerated following the police raid. Her friends collected her bail money dollar by dollar from the occupy community.

~A mother/daughter duo on BART heading to the action. Her burp clothe said “AN OWIE TO ONE IS AN OWIE TO ALL.”

~and crowds of people chanting together: “Oakland, Oakland represent. We are the 99%!”

What do all of these people have in common? They are the 99%, and they want to be heard.

We’ll be using our website, blog, twitter account and facebook as a hub of information and live updates, so check in throughout the day. The good folks at Movement Generation have a great list of events posted here.