It will, if you travel with us!

We invite you to take a trip of a lifetime over the new year. Come on a Reality Tour to Cuba or Ecuador.

Building bridges and international solidarity is increasingly important, as we resist the current administration’s nationalist rhetoric and divisive foreign policies. And for more than 30 years, our Reality Tours program has been doing just that – offering thousands of our travelers an opportunity for alternative, sustainable and socially responsible travel.

Our delegations offer you the chance to learn about unfamiliar cultures, meet with people from all walks of life, and establish meaningful relationships with people from other countries, all while promoting the local economy and wellbeing of our hosts.

This holiday season we are organizing two dynamic delegations: one to Cuba and the other to Ecuador.

We invite you to join us and dive into the complexity of world issues, tap into established local networks, access insider knowledge, learn a lot, have a lot of fun, and make new friends and allies along the way.

Be a bridge of peace and understanding!  Bring in the New Year with us on a Reality Tour.

P.S. Global Exchange’s Reality Tours was just highlighted by Yes! Magazine, “12 Tips for More Equitable Travel.”

New Year’s in Cuba; marking 60 years of the Cuban Revolution

December 28, 2019 – January 6, 2020

Join us as we celebrate New Year’s in Cuba and the completion of the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution! This unique delegation will examine Cuba at a crossroads in the arts, culture, community, sustainability and politics. We will begin in Havana to ring in the New Year. From there, we will make our way to cities like Cojimar (Hemingway’s setting for Old Man and The Sea), Matanzas, and Varadero. We’ll stop in Cienfuegos, and then power on to Santa Clara and, finally, to the enchanting walled city of Camaguey.

New Years in Ecuador: Environmental Justice from the Andes to the Amazon

December 28, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Travel to the Ecuadorian highlands and the Amazon basin for a deep-dive into the Indigenous-Led grassroots resistance to the exploitative toxic practices of extractive industries. You will be introduced to some of the most successful local and international efforts to bring environmental and social justice to the Andes and the Amazon.