rooftopSmoresThe following post was written by Fair Trade summer intern Beilul Naizghi.

What is the sweetest, messiest, and most enjoyable way to be a part of the movement to make big chocolate companies go Fair Trade? Why, Fair Trade S’mores, of course!

August is here, leaving just a few weeks left of summer to host a barbecue and roast up some Fair Trade S’mores.

Will you make a pledge to use Fair Trade chocolate in your summer s’mores?

My fellow interns and I took the Fair Trade S’mores Pledge after listening to a presentation on Fair Trade on the roof of the Global Exchange office. Even though the San Francisco wind was unrelenting and a few marshmallows got burned, the sweetest part was knowing ALL of the chocolate we used was contributing to improving the lives of cocoa farmers around the world. Wouldn’t that be awesome if that was the case for every chocolate bar?

The Fair Trade S’mores action is simple, really. After taking the Fair Trade S’mores Pledge, just grab some marshmallows, graham crackers, Fair Trade chocolate, and follow the steps below to ensure our message comes through – that business as usual in the cocoa industry is not acceptable!

How to participate:

  1. Sign the pledge to make Fair Trade s’mores this summer. We are hoping to collect 250 pledges this summer!
  2. Include Fair Trade s’mores in your barbeques and campfires this summer. Or plan a We Want More from Our S’mores picnic in the park (or in the kitchen) or other event with friends, family, coworkers, or theneighborhood.
  3. groupSmoresScreen The Dark Side of Chocolate. Before or after you make your tasty Fair Trade s’mores, show this film to educate others about child labor in the cocoa fields.

And guess what? This Saturday on August 10th is National S’mores Day — the perfect day to make a statement and pledge to only use Fair Trade chocolate in your s’mores.

See more photos of the Global Exchange summer interns enjoying some summertime Fair Trade s’mores on the office roof by following our Instagram account at