Kirsten Moller participating in One Million Moms for Gun Control action in San Francisco. January, 2013. Photo Credit: Global Exchange

Update 2/5/2013: Folks in the Bay Area, don’t forget to come out for the End Gun Violence vigil which is happening at the Federal Building on February 7th at 4pm to call for strong public safety laws.

It’s Time to Get War Weapons Off America’s Streets

Last summer as we traveled with the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity sharing the stories of the victims of the drug war in Mexico, we let people know that 80% of the murders were committed with arms bought legally in the US and smuggled across the border to Mexico. The stories of the victims were heart-wrenching, but we never felt we had the backing in this country to call for a complete ban on assault style weapons.

Last week I took part in a One Million Moms for Gun Control action in San Francisco.

Now is the time when we can change the debate in this country. In the wake of the cruel massacre in Newtown, ordinary citizens are demanding action on common sense laws – like a ban on the military style weapons and high-capacity magazines that killed the children and school employees in Newtown. And we don’t fear the gun lobbyists.

It’s time for Congress to stand up to them too and to put public safety ahead of gun industry profits!


Participants of One Million Moms for Gun Control – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. January, 2013. Photo Credit: Global Exchange

How Do We Get War Weapons Off Our Streets?

Community groups are forming all across the U.S., of mothers, teachers and people who are sick of preventable tragedies. They are forming coalitions with long-term gun control activists like the Brady Campaign, Heeding Gods Call, Million Moms March, the Violence Policy Center and Move-on.

On January 14, Javier Sicilia and researcher Sergio Aguayo presented a petition from more than 54,000 people from Mexico and the United States to the United States Embassy in Mexico City, demanding an end to gun trafficking from the United States to Mexico.

In the coming weeks, Sicilia, the Movement for Peace, and representatives of Mexican civil society will follow up on the petition to talk with U.S. representatives. Read more about it in this recent letter issued by members of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

On Wednesday, January 30, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing to consider how to address proposals to control gun sales.

Here in San Francisco, an End Gun Violence vigil is planned for the Federal Building on February 7th at 4pm to call for strong public safety laws.

We can make our communities safer for everyone here in the US and we can support our friends across the border, who told us time and time again that we had to stop the flow of weapons into their country, if we dared to hope for peace.


  • Call your elected officials and tell them to support the 2013 Ban on Assault Weapons (sponsored by Dianne Feinstein) which will ban assault weapons, high capacity ammunition cartridges and make all gun buyers pass a background check. Go to this contact elected officials webpage to get started.
  • Follow hashtag #endgunviolence on Twitter to stay in-the-loop about gun control & related issues.