International Video Contest on drugs and Human Rights

From March 28 until April 19, 2016, a diverse group of people from different nationalities (victims of violence resulting from drug trafficking and the equally violent actions seeking contrarestarlo accompanied by defenders of human rights, journalists, community leaders and religious, and activists;) they will meet to undertake a “Caravan for peace, life and justice” that will travel by land Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and the United States, to come to New York in the framework of the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Drugs.

    1. General context of the contest.

The aim of the Caravan is to open a necessary  debate on the so-called war on drugs, promoting a paradigm shift where government action can not be limited to violence, while leaving aside of key areas such as education, prevention, public health programs and real measures against money laundering and the corrupting power of drug trafficking mafias who control large scale.

In each country there are stories of people who reflect concretely the challenges we have as a society in drug policy: peasant producers stigmatized and persecuted; small dealers in the cities that receive drastic penalties while large posters remain intact; migrants, young, poor men and women prisoners, killed and besieged as the “perfect guilty”; companies with double standards that prevent education and information, tolerating excessive use of alcohol, while reproaches and persecutes users of other substances; stigmatization of ancient cultures that use substances and plants that could be part of alternative treatments for various diseases.

By the importance of knowing these stories and looks to expand a complex issue and therefore it needs to be analyzed from all angles, the Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice Launches Video Contest International Drug and Rights Humans.

    2. Terms and Conditions:

They can participate people over 18 years of any nationality individually or as a representative of a collective (prizes will be assigned to a single person who signs the video in the case of work done collectively).
Thematically videos should address stories and / or analysis of the impact of drug policies on individuals or communities in urban, rural and international (possible cases compared) areas.

The audiovisual works must be original, in high definition and with a minimum length of one (1) minute and a maximum of three (3) minutes.
It is especially valued originality and ease of language that facilitates understanding by the general public. You can contend interviews, documentary, drama, animation, or any other strategy that is relevant to the director.

May not be made videos that have been used as part of institutional campaigns, or have been nominated for other contests.
The videos will be received in English or Spanish, for participants to submit videos to other languages, it is suggested to use subtitles in these languages.
It is desirable to have valid US visa, but this is not a condition to compete. In case of winning (a) but not having a valid visa, accompanying the Caravan will be limited to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico.

    3. Prizes:

First Place: Traveling companion of audiovisual equipment and documenting the “Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice” between 28 March and 21 April 2016 from Honduras to New York with all expenses paid, including airfare, lodging, transportation and meals.

Second: Two in 1500 (US $ 1,500) dollars in cash.

Third Place: Camera Nikon D7100.

    4. Selection criteria videos:

Criteria Analysis                                                                                                                      Criteria Analysis
Thematic relevance.                                                                                                                                                    30
Originality in the treatment of the issues and the audiovisual language.                                                        20
Research and realization (rigor in facts, figures, and argumentative elements shown).                              15
Popularity audiovisual piece on social networks (Facebook likes, retwitter and Strutta).                           15

Audiovisual technology, image quality and editing.                                                                                             20

Total                                                                                                                                                                             100
    5. How to participate?
Upload the video to YouTube and send the link to e the video in its original resolution should be available in any virtual environment and send the link to the same email. Additionally send the following information in your email:Participant name.
Nationality and current place of residence.
Copy of valid passport.
Occupation or profession.
Brief personal review.
Shortlisted videos will be broadcast on the websites of the Caravan for Peace, life and justice; Strutta in the website and on social networks Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to receive input from the public in general, which will be part of the selection criteria for which the author (a) of the video can widely spread in social networks.   
    6. Deadlines:The videos can be submitted from January 18 and will be received until midnight on 1 March 2016 (registered in the sending e-mail local time).
It will be possible to vote for the videos to midnight on March 13, 2016.
The awards ceremony will be held on March 14, 2016 and to publish the selected videos.
Winners will be contacted to enforce the award.