Fair Trade clothing After the summer sun begins to fade, I am directed toward the cozy and fabulous fashions of fall. I am dedicated to the finesse of fall weather and clothing. Dark charcoal, heather gray and creamy whites mix with cobalt blue, turquoise teal and royal purple make up the rich color palette for this fall, fair trade season. Fall is burnt orange and hot pink sunsets, crimson leaves, ponchos with fringes, chunky cowl neck sweaters and warm wool hats, gloves and scarves. This fall I am so excited to welcome Indigenous Designs clothing into our Berkeley shop!

Ponchos, cardigans and raglan pullovers are just a few of the treasures we are proudly carrying. The Hooded Jacquard Cardigan, stands out with it’s geometric pattern and is knit with the most luxurious blend of super fine guage alpaca, organic cotton and soft tencel. This cardigan will help ease any summer blues.

lux tee


After last season the much awaited long EZ skirt has made a comeback in beautiful night shadow (purple) which perfectly pairs with the Luxury Long Sleeve Tee both made from 100% organic pima cotton jersey, so soft it melts in your hands.




Fair Trade clothingIf you are looking for beautifully designed, high quality clothes made from only the finest organic and natural fibers we have them here.


Fair Trade clothingRare to the fashion world and a progressive beacon, Indigenous Designs commits to producing quality clothes without compromising the environment and stays steadfast to the artisan cooperatives they work with by ensuring fair trade wages.

I catch myself daydreaming about sitting in front of a fire wearing my new hooded sweater, steam rising up from a cup of hot coffee, knowing, happily that my sweater was made honoring the hands who knit it and with respect to the planet around it.

I invite you to come in and share the joy of fall. Come in see the new design of the Berkeley shop, try on our fall clothing and become inspired for your holiday shopping.


Fair Trade clothing