Myesha Jenkins

Myesha Jenkins, international feminist, cultural ambassador, poet, community builder and lover of life made her transition on September 5th, 2020 — after more than 70 years of embracing this world. We will miss her intensely. Global Exchange holds Myesha’s family and community in the light.   

In the early 1990’s Myesha moved to South Africa to deepen her work against apartheid, colonialism, and imperialism. She represented Global Exchange, coordinating and leading delegations throughout South Africa and Zimbabwe. Over decades, she introduced many hundreds of travelers to countries in the midst of profound political and social upheaval. 

Her work connected countless delegations from around the world to the media pioneers of Bush Radio, the militant trade unionist of COSATU, the vibrancy of the feminist movement, the richness of African culture, and the still unfinished struggles for African liberation.

Myesha honed her internationalist skills and vision working in Nicaragua, Cuba, and in the United States in the 1970s and 80s before traveling to Southern Africa.  Her life work flourished there and she eventually facilitated much of Global Exchange’s humble contributions to building international solidarity with Africa.

Myesha Jenkins never wavered in her commitment to community and human rights. We honor her exit and will work to keep her beautiful intentions for this world alive.

Myesha Jenkins ¡Presente

She is here with us.