Today, at the Hague, the International Court of Justice issued a ruling, declaring that there is plausible reason to believe that Israel’s conduct in Gaza meets the standard of genocide. The provisional recommendations call on Israel to cease any and all genocidal conduct, to preserve evidence, and to hold accountable those responsible.

Though Israel has vowed to defy the ruling, this move represents a significant step forward for the international movement to end the genocide and bring an immediate ceasefire. The near unanimous rulings underscore the strength of the evidence that South Africa brought to bear, and the urgency of an immediate resolution.

Mere hours after the ruling calling on Israel to cease all violence, the IDF shelled the Jabalia Refugee Camp in Northern Gaza.

Until there is a ceasefire, our resistance continues.

Around the world, millions strong, we’re using every means at our disposal to end the bloodshed. International boycotts have targeted the multinational corporations profiting from the occupation of Palestine. We’ve taken to the streets on every corner of the globe. We’ve occupied Senate buildings, disrupted fundraisers and speeches.

There is real momentum in the United States to end unconditional aid to Israel, to call attention to apartheid and occupation, and to demand a change to a status quo that insists upon counting Palestinian lives as less than fully human. Public opinion has shifted significantly, to the point where lawmakers see real liabilities in continuing unwavering support for Israel’s war crimes. The decades-long effort to call attention to the injustice of apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is closer than ever before to making the occupation untenable.

Today’s landmark ruling at the International Court of Justice underscores this point. The tide IS turning.

And yet. And yet. And yet. The Genocide continues. The senseless death and wholesale slaughter, the targeting of hospitals and refugee camps, the desecration even of the graves of Palestinians, continues. Each moment of delay for an immediate ceasefire is counted in precious human lives.

So we keep going. Whatever way you can, whenever you can, please join the effort to stop the slaughter and to demand an immediate ceasefire. If you haven’t yet done so, please write to US President Joe Biden.

If you are able, attend local “ceasefire now” actions. Here is a list of action in the Bay Area and here is a list of other actions happening around the country.

A crisis this urgent demands our unwavering attention. We won’t look away. We build on this momentum and continue the struggle until there is peace in Palestine.