The Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign brand jamming contest entries are in, and wait till you see them.

Professional looking graphics mixed with creative messaging result in some wonderful mock ads depicting the truth behind Hershey; that this company is contributing to instead of helping to alleviate child slavery rampant in the cocoa industry.

The mock Hershey ads, slogans and videos call on Hershey to eliminate child and forced labor from its cocoa supply chain, and shift sourcing to Fair Trade.

Vote for Your Fave:  For 1 week only campaign coordinators Green America, International Labor Rights Forum and Global Exchange invite you to:

1.  VOTE for your favorite contest entry finalist;
2.  SHARE this post with your friends, family, and coworkers by using the Share and Tweet buttons (located on top right of this post.)

The deadline for voting is Tuesday, April 26th, so please take a few minutes to vote for your favorite, and Share and Tweet this post to help spread the word.

The winner of each category will receive a Fair Trade chocolate gift basket, and the overall winner will receive a $1000 grand prize. Winners will be announced on Thursday, April 28th, which just also happens to be the day of Hershey’s annual shareholder meeting:)

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this Hershey’s Brand Jamming contest thus far, either by spreading the word or submitting an entry, and good luck contestants!