Hands Off Rafah! Ceasefire Now!

Yesterday, while millions across the United States and around the world watched the Superbowl, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu unleashed death and slaughter in Rafah – where 1.4 million people – fully 85% of Gaza’s population – are sheltering, crammed into an area 150 kilometers squared, after being driven from their homes by bombs, shells, and ground troops. 

The official story that this attack was conducted to rescue hostages is a flimsy lie, much like all the other lies deployed to cover the nakedly genocidal actions of the Israeli state. Over 30,000 people, nearly half of whom are children, are already dead. The International Criminal Court of Justice has found it “plausible” that Israel is engaged in genocide.

And our own eyes and eye-witnesses have much more than “plausible” grounds to go on – pictures and videos of unimaginable violence, the dehumanized rhetoric from top Israeli officials, and the ugliness of IDF soldiers gleefully filming themselves as they bulldoze homes and murder civilians. 

This deliberate obliteration is not a “hostage rescue.” It is an illegal, immoral, and utterly reprehensible campaign of revenge. It must END NOW. 

Right now, across the country, emergency actions are being organized to demand an end to the Siege on Rafah. Please join us in the streets to make your voice heard. FIND LOCAL, BAY AREA, EVENTS HERE and NATIONAL ACTIONS HERE.