The 10.10.10 global day of climate change action is right around the corner and Global Exchange is calling for your support to help change the conversation around climate change.

In support of 10-10-10 as a global day of climate change action, we are joining with our friends at and hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens around the world in making October 10th the biggest day of climate change action ever! Take part in the Global Work Party, celebrate climate solutions, join an event already happening, get outside and get to work! When the day is done, check out our new 13 minute video – People and Planet First.

Planet and People First: A Global Exchange report Cochabamba, Bolivia 2010 from Global Exchange on Vimeo.

Later this year, we are taking our message to end addiction to oil and ensure real action is taken globally towards climate equity at the upcoming climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico. We want to protect the planet and people living in it and we are asking for your support. Every little bit helps us in our effort to spread the word for climate equity.

The need to address the climate emergency is now. In order to maintain a human-friendly climate on earth, all major GHG-emitting countries must accept emission limits, but that will not happen unless they are all bound to an agreement that all consider fair. The failure at the meetings in Copenhagen in December 2009 proved that the major roadblock to a fair international climate agreement is the peculiar belief held by most of our political and economic leaders that we – the global North, and the United States in particular – deserve to be more wealthy than the vast majority of people in the world. The only basis upon which a fair global climate deal can be built is a more equitable distribution of the world’s wealth and resources.

The most inconvenient truth we must confront in order to reverse climate change is the fact that the wealth of the United States and European countries is built upon centuries of colonial, financial and environmental exploitation. The countries of the global South get this. We don’t. We must not only secure a fair and effective international climate deal, but also convince the US Senate, which must approve all treaties by a two-thirds vote, that the American people favor sharing the world’s resources more equitably. That will be a difficult task, but it is exciting to realize that the solution to climate change is the creation of a world that is more just and equitable.

See our top ten ways to save the climate now and support our climate equity work.

Happy 10-10-10 everyone!