Believe it or not, but the holiday season is finally upon us. A few years ago, Global Exchange developed the Fair Trade Holiday Gift Pledge in order to increase awareness of Fair Trade and garner commitments from consumers to buy Fair Trade during the holidays and the coming year.

Well, this year we’ve taken it a few steps further and have partnered with some incredible Fair Trade advocates nationwide to make it easier to shop Fair Trade while helping you save money along the way by offering exclusive Fair Trade discounts.

Announcing the Give Fair Trade Campaign!

Step one. Take the Fair Trade Holiday Gift Pledge and make your commitment to increase awareness about Fair Trade to your community and shop Fair Trade this holiday season.

Step two. Register your pledge, so we can keep track of how many people are taking the challenge.

Step three. Head over to the Give Fair Trade campaign blog and find out about the daily featured Fair Trade gift and special offers, as well as moving stories behind the item’s producers. These features will run from November 15th to December 20th and are available exclusively to Fair Traders like yourself.

And why should you take the Give Fair Trade pledge? Well…

  • Each gift empowers farmers and artisans with dignified work, and adequate incomes to access nutrition, health care, education, etc for their families
  • If all of us Give Fair Trade this year, our collective purchasing power will have an enormous impact on lifting families out of poverty
  • Great Fair Trade gifts are available for everyone on your list, both kids and adults (even coworker/corporate gifts, like bags of Fair Trade coffee)
  • Giving Fair Trade gifts is an easy way to shift some of your purchasing to Fair Trade.
  • You will educate the person receiving the gift about Fair Trade.
  • Make holiday shopping a breeze…walk into a Fair Trade shop (or online store) with your holiday shopping list and walk out with your holiday shopping complete (and maybe wrapped)!

Take the pledge and get involved with the Give Fair Trade campaign this year! For an easy way to get those daily deal doses, follow @GiveFairTrade on twitter. Also, spread the word of the campaign to your friends, colleagues and community by passing out flyers.

A special thanks to the Give Fair Trade campaign organizers, Equal Exchange, Fair Trade Federation, Fair Trade LA, Fair Trade Resource Network, Fair Trade Towns, Fair Trade USA, Global Exchange, Green America, NY State Labor-Religion Coalition, Oasis, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church-General Board on Church and Society, United Methodist Committee on Relief and additional partners, DC Fair Trade Network & Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition.