Fair TuesdayThe following is a guest post from the fine folks at #FairTuesday, the ethical holiday shopping movement happening Tuesday December 3rd, 2013.

Looking for an alternative to the madness surrounding holiday shopping this year? Look no further….

fair tuesday logo#FairTuesday is a movement to inspire conscious consumerism in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More and more designers are creating lines that are ethically produced in artisan communities around the world. Scores of small businesses around the country are committed to fair trade principles. #FairTuesday is a call to action for all the amazing designers, companies, press outlets, and consumers committed to conscious consumption and a website where consumers can find them all in one place.

You can help us create the change in fashion that the organic movement has created in the food industry. Change doesn’t happen all at once, it can start in little ways. #FairTuesday is about making ethical consumption a daily possibility. It can be overwhelming—once you start thinking about the origins of your clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, where do you stop? We started #FairTuesday to remind you that ethical consumption can start small and have a big impact.

  • Check out the participating organizations on www.fairtuesday.org.
  • Make at least one gift you give this holiday season fair trade or ethically sourced.
  • Buy fair trade coffee for your morning cup.
  • Like #FairTuesday on Facebook and share with your friends.
  • Tweet, post and pin away. Just four more days to enter our#FairTuesday Pinterest contest and have the chance to win more than $700 in prizes and get your products in front of our panel of celebrity judges.


FairTuesdayGlobal Exchange is Excited to Support #FairTuesday

Thanks to all the folks who are working so hard to make #FairTuesday a huge success. Whether you’re planners or participators, something this great doesn’t happen without the support of dedicated people. (Insert pat on the back here.)

Global Exchange is so excited to participate and support #FairTuesday.

Check out this fun Facebook photo album with images of Global Exchange staff (including Abad the dog) showing their support. 

We have three #FairTuesday related gifts for you to consider choosing that are in line with your values:

1) Fair Trade Gift Package includes Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and a beautiful block printed tote bag from India.

2) Global Community Gift Package includes the Fair Trade items mentioned above PLUS candles from South Africa AND a pendant from Cambodia – both made by co-operative producers.

3) Peace On Earth Action Kit includes a combination of goodies  to help educate about Fair Trade and take action.

We also have 1 Action You Can Take to Support Fair Trade!

Sign your name and pledge to Only shop Fair Trade this holiday season. Say no to big box stores and products made with sweatshop labor and ensure that your product respects human rights.

Thank YOU for supporting #FairTuesday and Global Exchange. Happy Holidays!