Why donate stock?

Global Exchange accepts gifts of appreciated stock, which we sell immediately in order to support our work.

Stock donations may offer significant tax benefits to the donor.  You can avoid capital gains tax, and capture the full market value of your stock as a charitable tax deduction.  We recommend that you consult a tax professional for specific advice about your situation.

In accordance with IRS regulations, you will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes listing the number of shares donated and the value of the stock as of the date the shares are received in our account.

How to donate stock:
All donated stock is sold for us by our Financial Advisor at Empowered Investments.   At the time you make the donation, it is important that you inform Global Exchange at (415) 575-5534 or ashley@globalexchange.org with the following information, so that we can verify receipt and provide you with proof of your donation for tax purposes:

  • Stock symbol and name of the company
  • Number of shares
  • Date of transfer

Language for Letter and Transfer Information for Stock Gifts:

This letter will serve as my authorization to make a charitable donation of stock to Global Exchange, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, located at 1446 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. The tax id # is 94-3066686.

Please transfer (number of shares) of (name of stock) from (account name and account number). The shares should be transferred directly to Global Exchange’s account using the following DTCC delivery instructions:

DTCC#: 0226
F/B/O: NFS Global Exchange A/C # Q81-002775
Account Title: Global Exchange

You can also directly contact our Financial Advisor for assistance with your donation.  Contact Mehul M. Thakker at Empowered Investments:

1-800-701-4713 (toll free)
510-622-0202 x-207

Thank you for your donation of stock to Global Exchange