Do Elections Matter

Do Elections Matter?

We hope you answer, “YES!” to this question, but not everyone feels the same. 

Government dysfunction, civic polarization, war, dis-information, and anger are dispiriting. Yes, civic engagement is a vital tool for non-violent, democratic struggles and change, but it is no wonder so many people are disheartened.

That’s why during 2024 – a huge electoral year that features presidential races in both Mexico and the United States – we’re going to connect you with leaders from around the world whose fascinating lives and choices affirm and can give new depth to our own struggles on •climate, •racial justice, •gun safety,•peace and the •defense of our basic democratic rights.

In early 2024 Alí Bantu Ashanti, the leader of Colombia’s Racial Justice Collective (CJR) will travel to cities across Mexico and the United States promoting the creation of an international network against police violence in Black communities. 

The CJR is a collective of more than 100 black lawyers in Colombia who initially came together to defend (mostly young and black) demonstration leaders who were both physically abused and judicially targeted during the anti-police violence uprisings that shook Colombia during the pandemic years. CJR later played a high profile role in generating an unprecedented turnout of Afro-Colombian voters in Colombia’s watershed 2022 elections.

Alî plans to travel to Mexico City; Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, NYC, and Washington, DC.

We’ll have more information about his tour and other events to follow in 2024. And rest assured, no matter where you are you’ll be invited to  on-line events, PLUS, members like you can also request virtual visits by our speakers to community meetings, classrooms, faith gatherings or other local events you set up and organize. We will respond to as many requests as possible.

YES! There are many good and inspiring reasons to get involved. People.  We’ll be talking to as many of them as possible, all year long.