Colombia: A Path to Peace

Last month, Peace Accords aimed at ending fifty years of civil war in Colombia were defeated by a razor thin margin, in a national referendum. The “NO” vote was an unexpected setback, but not a calamity. It was most certainly, not a vote for more war. 

Now, as Colombians face uncertainty about how to move ahead, international support for Colombia’s peacemakers and for communities caught in the crossfire is more critical than ever.

That is why six national Colombian organizations have asked Global Exchange and the Caravan for Peace Life and Justice to join them on a 2,400-kilometer pilgrimage promoting peace alongside more than 20 local organizations in some of Colombia’s most historically conflictive regions.

International supporters of the Caravan – representing human rights, student, peace, migrant, faith and other organizations – will come from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States as well as South American and European countries.

The Caravan is a grassroots response to an urgent need.

Logo Caravan ColombiaThe Caravan launches next week, on November 10th, and we need you with us. The people of Colombia are calling, working and praying for peace. Please support the Caravan.

Show the Colombian people that the world is with them in their courageous quest for peace by making a contribution to our Peace Caravan today. 

As we get underway on Nov. 10th, be sure to follow us on Facebook and on our blog.