For a long time Chiapas has been one of our Reality Tour destinations, and the popularity of the program continues to grow. Because our  trips are meant to educate  groups about places that we visit, we do not go in with a tourist mentality. Rather, our goal is to help transform the consciousness of our participants by first-hand experience.


Chiapas is a place to learn how indigenous communities have struggled and resisted predatory global interests. Through their perseverance and strength and resilience through the centuries, they maintained their traditions and independence.

Explore the diversity of political challenges such as how indigenous communities keep their historical memory, embrace their culture and traditions such as talking and writing their own language, Mexico has more than 60 indigenous languages, many of which are practiced in Chiapas. If indigenous communities, women organizations, fair trade and the rights of farmers are matters that you care about, consider visiting Chiapas for nine days this summer and live the experience of interacting with indigenous communities.


 You will visit schools, human rights centers and local  youth and children’s rights organizations as part of our  Reality Tours.

 By joining our Reality Tours to Chiapas you will learn  about unfamiliar cultures, meet with people from all ways  of life, and establish meaningful relationships with other  cultures.