Guatemala Ted

From December 5-12, 2015, a delegation from the Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice were in Guatemala to engage in dialogue with different social organizations, human rights advocates, victims’ organizations, journalists, students, and additional people with whom the team has been collaborating in sight of the Caravan’s journey through Guatemalan territory from April 5-8, 2016.

The delegation, led by Ted Lewis from Global Exchange, is looking to identify allies in Guatemala that are able to lead the agenda locally and carry out different gatherings and dialogues concerning the impact of drug policies in the region. The goal is to generate a much-needed debate that includes perspectives from multiple countries on changes in approaches towards drug policy, which is currently dominated by repressive and discriminatory tactics.

The need to suggest realistic policies addressing our countries’ current situations and to stop the wave of violence in the region is one of the main goals of the caravan, on top of promoting drug policies centered on human safety, human rights, education, public health and effective access to justice.

The visit to Guatemala adds to the series of dialogues with social organizations and leaders in Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and Costa Rica where the Caravan’s team has been working during the last few months.

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