No doubt you’re like me. Daydreaming about the weekend once, uh, Monday morning rolls around. Well, now that it is Friday, the weekend is just within our grasps so it’s perfectly alright to start plotting out your weekend activities.

Plowsharing Crafts picnic

Whether you’re at summer camp, having a backyard BBQ or having a beach bonfire, you can bring some social justice into your summertime activity by participating in Global Exchange’s Summer Fair Trade S’mores Campaign.

We are calling on Hershey’s and the rest of the cocoa industry to go Fair Trade by making a statement with our Fair Trade S’mores. It will be the most delicious political action you will ever take.

Can I get s'more?

All you have to do is grab your S’more ingredients (marshmallows, graham crackers and of course Fair Trade chocolate) gather your friends, Fair Trade s’more it up, have everyone sign the petition making a note of how many s’mores were consumed and send it in to us. Then we deliver it to Hershey’s and let your voices be heard in the name of Fair Trade.

Your fellow Fair Traders have already been joining in all the social justice fun. A few weeks ago, our friends at Plowsharing Crafts had their 25th Anniversary picnic Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO and had tons of yummy s’mores.

Ziming Yao having her first s'more ever

Earlier this month on our People to People blog, we spoke about our first ever U.S.-China Exchange where our Green Alternatives department promoted collaboration between the United States and China, particularly around the green economy and sustainability. So, four program participants flew in from China and learned about the local green economy in the Bay Area. Along with visiting green businesses and meeting SF government officials, the crew took a break one evening and tried their first ever s’mores! Not the biggest fans of sweets, they enjoyed the activity and learned all about the concept of Fair Trade.

Before embarking on your own Summertime S’more activity for the weekend. See our video of Global Exchange’s S’more event at Golden Gate Park last year. A typical San Francisco. Foggy and cold. But we loved every moment of it.

Have a great weekend, y’all!