BAD2013smlogoOctober 16th is Blog Action Day, an annual online day of action when bloggers (and vloggers and podcasters and more) from around the world focus their attention on one particular global theme and blog about it.

What makes Blog Action Day special is that everyone with access to a computer and internet is welcomed to participate, and deciding what to blog about within the chosen theme is up to participants.

The theme this year is… Human Rights! Earlier this year past Blog Action Day participants took part in a poll to help identify what the theme should be for 2013.

For folks unfamiliar with Blog Action Day, here’s a video that sums it up quite nicely:

Global Exchange has been a proud Blog Action Day Partner for a number of years now. In past years we’ve blogged about “The Power of We”, Food, and Water.

As a human rights organization we couldn’t be more thrilled about this year’s  Human Rights theme which is obviously near and dear to our hearts.

We’re partnering again this year with Blog Action Day to help spread the word about this historic online event and we look forward to blogging about human rights along with many of you come October 16th.

In our Blog Action Day post we’ll be exploring how youth, our next generation of human rights advocates, have a vital role to play in the struggle for human rights. If you need ideas about what to blog about check out this Blog Action Day web page.

Take-ActionAre YOU ready to get involved in Blog Action Day?

Think about it…on October 16th bloggers all over the world will be focusing their attention on human rights, and you have the opportunity to join in. How cool is that?!