Global Exchange Fair Trade Campaign Director Adrienne Fitch Frankel making a Fair Trade s'more

Are you ready for some summer fun? We Want More from our S’mores is back, to help you kick off your summer in a fun, Fair Trade style. After all, s’mores are a classic, delicious summer treat.

Please help the Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign reach the goal of making at least 1,500 Fair Trade s’mores.

Your tasty s’mores will help raise awareness and hold Hershey accountable for failing to eliminate child and forced labor from its supply chain and encourage the company to achieve Fair Trade certification.

How to participate
Plan your s’more event: Savor the chocolatey, gooey pleasure of Fair Trade s’mores anytime from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day weekend. Include Fair Trade s’mores in your barbeques and campfires this summer. Or plan a We Want More from Our S’mores event with friends, family, coworkers, or the neighborhood.
Let the s’mores be counted! Count the s’mores you eat and register them online.
During your s’mores gathering, collect signatures on petitions asking Hershey to step up and become Fair Trade Certified.
Screen the Dark Side of Chocolate. Before or after you make your tasty Fair Trade s’mores, show this film to educate others about child labor in the cocoa fields and explain why it is so important to choose Fair Trade Certified chocolate.

Check out this video from Fair Trade s’mores cookin a few years back:

For more info about the We Want More From our S’Mores Campaign: Visit our website, thanks!