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Washington DC - Leaders of several prominent human rights, consumer, and healthcare groups spoke out today in an appeal to Hershey’s leadership demanding reforms to the candy maker’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, including the company’s ongoing use of abusive...

June 12, 2012

In March of last year, Javier Sicilia, one of Mexico’s leading poets, suffered a fate that is far too common in his country today: his 24-year-old son was murdered by a drug cartel. With over 40,000 dead since 2006 from cartel-related violence, and more than 9,000 unsolved disappearances,...

By Umar Farooq and Connor Guy
June 5, 2012

Bank of America, which last fall announced plans to lay off 30,000 workers, is about to go on a hiring spree—overseas.

America's second-largest bank is relocating its business-support operations to the Philippines, according to a high-ranking Filipino government official recently quoted...

By Josh Harkinson
May 29, 2012

There is a grumble being repeated in some progressive circles. It goes like this: “President Obama has been a disappointment. But what’s the alternative?” It’s usually followed by a sigh and a plea for work to save the “few minor” things we did get done in the last three years.

But this...
By Deepak Bhargava
May 27, 2012


by Josephine Laing...

Josephine Laing
May 23, 2012

When Jamie Dimon looks at members of the Senate Banking Committee at an upcoming hearing on J.P. Morgan’s costly trading blunders, he’ll be looking at men who have been given tens of thousands of dollars by his employees.

Employees of the Wall Street giant and political action...

By Robert Schroeder
May 22, 2012

Last summer, the eyes of the Mexican people were fixed upon Javier Sicilia, a poet, columnist, and the spokesman of a new social movement, the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity. As Sicilia and his fellow activists toured through Mexico in a “Caravan for Peace,” they called for...

Joel Bleifuss
May 17, 2012

One of Mexico’s best-known poets, Javier Sicilia, laid down his pen last year after his 24-year-old son was murdered by...

May 10, 2012

Egypt’s military rulers have asked the constitutional court to rule on whether top officials from Hosni Mubarak’s era can run for the presidency, a judicial source said on Thursday, after the Islamist-dominated parliament passed a law banning them.

Activists, meanwhile, have called...

April 19, 2012

About 150 Afghan schoolgirls have fallen ill after drinking poisoned water at their high school in the country's north, officials said.

The alleged poisoning on Tuesday is being blamed on hardline conservatives who oppose female education.

Since the 2001 toppling of...

April 17, 2012

Leaning on a crutch to support his broken leg, Coptic Christian activist Boulis Zake explains to our group that the church had encouraged him not to participate in the demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Coptic Orthodox church leaders, he says, regarded former Egyptian president and...

W. Evan Golder
April 5, 2012
Popular Easter Chocolate Offerings Tainted By Child Labor; Over 5,000 Consumers Sign Petition to Hershey and Cadbury/Kraft CEO’s
The “Raise the Bar, Hershey!” Coalition which has called on The Hershey Company (NYSE: HSY) to remove forced child labor from...
April 5, 2012


Manuel Pérez Rocha, Institute for Policy Studies, (240) 838-6623
Lacy MacAuley, Institute for Policy Studies, (202) 445-4692

Washington DC – In a very quiet meeting today, the White House hosted the “three amigos,” President Obama,...
April 2, 2012

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, in control of almost half the seats in parliament, has said it will field its own presidential candidate, reversing an earlier decision not to do so and escalating its confrontation with the nation's ruling generals and the group's secular and progressive critics....

April 1, 2012

On Monday, the City of Las Vegas NM adopted a rights based ordinance establishing a local Bill of Rights and banning fracking and related activities. The City Council vote was 3-1, with the city attorney and city manager in loud, vocal and prolonged opposition.

Don Hamilton
March 30, 2012

The international peasant group, La Via Campesina, ends their global...

La Via Campesina
March 21, 2012


The Afghan Taliban have announced the suspension of all negotiations with the United States, talks that had been seeking an end to the decade-long war in Afghanistan.


March 15, 2012

For many Americans, the story of the BP disaster began on April 20, 2010, and ended on August 15 of that year, when the Obama Administration declared that “the majority of the oil is gone,” though the opposite was true.

For those on the Gulf Coast, the disaster remains, and life...
Antonia Juhasz
March 6, 2012

This article was reported in partnership with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. 

On March 2, the first agreement in the historic trial against BP and all of the companies responsible for the largest maritime oil spill in world history was announced. The...
Antonia Juhasz
March 6, 2012

Cathy Miorelli doesn’t think of herself as an...

Jason Mark
March 1, 2012